Words from the players

Some of the early players a really enjoying the game so, if you are a fan of Warhammer 40,000, you should really read these!


The Emperor must be smiling along with many a wargaming grognard who revels in classical strategy board games and similar 1990s video game translations. Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon is everything we love of the Games Workshop universe with over the top imagery and bombastic campy inspiring writing coated in the finest Slitherine sauces of stats and modifiers


Epic campaign with awesome voice actors, pretty challenging AI, good selection of units. Battlefield looks realistic as most units have ranged weapons and can hit enemy over several hexes. 
We can see a great start for a new serie of WH40K games. Hope to see more xenos and loyalists in next expansions :)”

Asterix von TWC:

Highly enjoyable and adictive, as always from Slitherine. Well designed, nearly bug free, and I can already tell will be spendig hours and weeks on this one


I had to rub my eyes in disbelief. This is what Epic 40k was needing, this game is it!” 


The editor is very powerful, yet simple to use. I was able to edit and modify maps and units within minutes


I  have been waiting for a good turn based 40k game for a long, long time. This fits the bill perfectly. The art is perfect and the voice acting is great. I am only a little ways into the campaign, and there are some real knuckle biter missions here...